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You receive a rare opportunity at Real Connections Counseling: Co-Therapy. Co-therapy means TWO counselors team up with you in counseling! You can be an important part of next-level couples therapy. Be better heard, understood, respected, and healed with co-therapy.

Intimacy Reimagined Couples Intensives & Retreats

Make your best relationship happen. Stay tuned for our upcoming retreats in 2024!

Our Counseling and Services

Learn about our Des Moines area (located in Urbandale) counseling and therapy services. Each couple has the power to make our community better by making their relationship better. Each time we start with a new relationship, we’re inspired to wonder what good can happen all around us when your relationship is better than ever. Work with us as your co-therapists to help you make your relationship stronger and more resilient. Are you in your “best ever” relationship? If the answer is “no,” come and see us at Real Connections Counseling. Looking forward and hope-filled!

Pre-Marital Counseling

We build 'real connections' - solid and safe connections between you two that will last your whole life!
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Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling can be the best long-term gift you have ever given each other. Heal hurts, build better memories.
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Couples Counseling

Whatever your reasons for therapy, we are here to help you take steps together, to better your relationship.
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Couples Retreats

All-inclusive couples retreats, where you can relax, grow together, and build new skills and knowledge.
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Speaking Engagements

From keynotes to workshops to relationship resilience training, our expert speakers can help you inspire, educate, and build stronger connections.
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Group Therapy

Interact with multiple people at the same time especially when we all need similar information, education, or support.
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What makes us unique


Imagine what it’s like when a real couple in a real marriage both get to be your counselors. They’ll bring a wealth of expertise with them for you, but they also bring a wealth of relationship foibles, mistakes, trials, triumphs and successes from their own marriage to you. Co-therapy is what sets us apart from any other counseling system in Iowa. Yes, they both spend time together with another couple in the room. And the counseling teams at Real Connections Counseling know what you are going through.

Meet the Team

Our life as counseling partners is also our life’s work. We bring our own unique personalities and approaches to counseling that actually becomes a unique asset to our couples and families.
Rick Elgersma

Rick Elgersma

LMFT, M. Litt

Monique Elgersma

Cora Drew

Cora Drew

Jess Hall

Jess Hall

Alyssa Elgersma

Alyssa Elgersma


From the Blog

"Having both counselors in the same room means we have the same goal. We are there together, working together, as a team effort."
-Lisa and Derek

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