Co-Therapy Couples Counseling for Enhanced Understanding and Healing

Stuck in Therapy Tug-of-War? Breakthrough Starts Now.

1. Traditional therapy can feel one-sided. Co-Therapy at Real Connections is different. It's a powerful team in your corner, not a referee blowing a judgmental whistle.

2. Our therapists are battle-tested. They've seen it all and can relate to your pain. No judgment, just results.

3. More than double the expertise, and double the solutions. We have your backs. One therapist may facilitate communication, while the other dives deeper, but more importantly you’ll feel utterly supported. It's a winning strategy for your relationship.

4. Feel understood & empowered. Co-Therapy unlocks creative solutions for lasting connection. No more feeling unheard.

5. Breakthrough, not Band-Aids. Co-Therapy goes beyond the traditional old method of therapy. Co-Therapy is about transformation. Add in our 80-minute standard sessions and this works even better!

6. Invest in the best. Insurance does not cover Co-Therapy nor our standard 80-minute session length. Yes, it might cost more. But is your relationship worth anything less? It’s ok to want the best. It’s ok to deserve the best.

What? You deserve more? Yes! You deserve a complete understanding and a strong connection. Co-Therapy delivers.

It’s time to leave behind the outdated models of relational health. Rewrite your relationship story. Schedule your FREE 20-minute consultation today! Join your Co-Therapy team at Real Connections and experience the difference.

Why Co-Therapy?

Four reasons why you should demand co-therapy for your relationship!

1. Co-Therapy Creates Balance

Two counselors mean the couple has FULL representation. The counseling team ensures that the couple wins the day! Two therapists mean that couples gain a full capacity to be seen, heard, and understood. Balance!

2. Equal Voice

Your Real Connections Counseling couples counseling team ensures that no one stands above the other but instead becomes empowered and inspired by each other’s equal voice! And we have the time to do it (80 Minutes).

3. Teammates

What better way to learn how to create partners but from other partners? Real Connections Counseling therapists act as a relationship to serve relationships. Partners helping partners is the best kind of team!

4. Mutual Learning

As each couple learns how to make their best relationship happen, your Real Connections Counseling CoTherapy team is humble enough to learn from you, too. And they use their own examples of relationship building to help you. Mutual effort for exponential gain! Remember that as we learn, it's important to smile a bit, too!

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