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Are you looking for your strongest, most principled couples counseling option you can in the Des Moines, IA area? You've found it.

You've entered the exciting realm of CoTherapy at
Real Connections Counseling where you experience a relational system from step one!

CoTherapy brings you into team counseling dedicated to ending strife, and making the best possible outcome happen.

You're a team, now. Show up for practice.
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Co-Therapy Couples Counseling for Enhanced Understanding and Healing

Imagine what it’ll be like when you join your team of counselors to create your best relationship. We know you've felt left out before, and maybe even ganged up on.

That doesn't happen as part of a CoTherapy team at Real Connections. Sure, they’ll bring a wealth of expertise to you. But they also bring a wealth of relationship mistakes, trials, triumphs, and successes from their marriages too, meaning that since they've been there too, they won't judge you. You won't be judged for any reason.

And they most likely get what you're struggling with. That is only one of the ways we're set apart from others.

When you go into the counseling room with a single counselor, you think, “I’m with an expert who may or may not understand. But when you’re with a team of counselors who are also each other's friends, and who have their own spouses, you think something like, “We're with experts to be sure, but we’re with who want to team up with us! We stand a good chance of being understood more than ever.”

Remember how we said that many of you have felt left out because your counselor seemed to favor the other person? Well, that just won't happen at Real Connections.

It'll cost a bit more. But it's just a number, honestly. The value of your CoTherapy experience is exponentially greater than a number. Your counseling team will ensure you both are heard, understood, respected, helped, and healed.

Why Co-Therapy?

Four reasons why you will demand co-therapy for your relationship!

1. Co-Therapy Creates Balance

Two counselors mean the couple has FULL representation. The counseling team ensures that the couple wins the day! Two therapists mean that couples gain a full capacity to be seen, heard, and understood. Balance!

2. Equal Voice

Your Real Connections Counseling couples counseling team ensures that no one stands above the other but instead becomes empowered and inspired by each other’s equal voice!

3. Teammates

What better way to learn how to create partners but from other partners? Real Connections Counseling therapists act as a relationship to serve relationships. Partners helping partners is the best kind of team!

4. Mutual Learning

As each couple learns how to make their best relationship happen, your Real Connections Counseling CoTherapy team is humble enough to learn from you, too. And they use their own examples of relationship building to help you. Mutual effort for exponential gain! Remember that as we learn, it's important to smile a bit, too!

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