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Couples Counseling

Looking for couples counseling in Des Moines? Look no further. We’re here to help you improve your relationships and gain a bonded relationship that can last a lifetime. We’re about enhancing your relationship.
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Discovering What Makes Your Relationship Special

Discover your unique and special relationship using our team approach to couples counseling! Seeking to deepen your relationship? Just starting and eager to establish healthy habits? We can help. Our co-therapy counseling sessions offer a team of counselors who guide you in a balanced, completely unbiased, safe space to explore all possibilities for you so you can create your intimate, communicative, loving relationship. Learn the function of each other’s personality through the personhood discovery system called the Enneagram. Learn how you make your most fruitful connection through love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Trust us. We have your back.

What makes us unique


You know what you have with CoTherapy at Real Connections Counseling? Access to one of the most successful couples counseling and coaching methods we’ve seen.

What sets us apart? The team. You have more support, and you feel safer, and comfortable that both of your needs will be met. And you'll not wonder whether you've been heard. Your team wants to succeed with you, not bias against you.

Watch the video, then Contact Real Connections Counseling today and embark on your journey with us.

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Discover how couples counseling works, its effectiveness, and how it can save relationships with experienced counselors.
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How does Couples Counseling work?

We will use some assessments to begin conversations in a safe environment. Homework will be included for you to practice together outside of the counseling sessions. This will add to your skills and learning and help you establish new patterns of relating with your partner. When you hit a roadblock, we encourage you to bring that struggle to the therapy room and allow your co-therapist team to walk alongside you to break down the issue, allowing both of you to learn and discuss the concern and then truly hear each other.

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Does couples counseling work?

Couples Counseling works like most things: Consider the time and energy you put into it, and that will give a good indication of how successful you will be. Part of the work will definitely happen in the therapy room. Some of the work will happen when you leave the session. This is when you practice what you learned, or we give you homework to try something new or unique to challenge and improve your relationship.
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Do we need couples counseling?

We are firm believers that everyone can benefit from couples counseling! Even as therapists, we attend marriage conferences, counselors, and retreats to better our personal, intimate relationships – our marriages! One of the best things about couples counseling is that you get another person, who is not immediately involved in your relationship, and who is trained to provide insight, challenges, and new ideas for handling relationship difficulties. Everyone can find benefits from couples counseling. But, definitely, if you and your significant other experience relationship struggles, let us help you get back on a healthy path together.
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How much does couples counseling cost?

If you’re interested in Couples Counseling with Real Connections Counseling, please email [email protected] or call 515-635-1805 to set up a free 20-minute phone consult with our program administrator. Pricing will be discussed during the consult. 

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How Long Will Couple’s Counseling Last?

Couples counseling length varies depending on your goals and relationship health. We'll work with you to reach your goals and ensure progress. Dedication, interest, patience, and practice are essential. Counseling pulls in all the gritty and fantastic love stuff. The benefits are amazing! Your therapist is strongly motivated toward the long-term health of your relationship.

Meet the Team

Our life as counseling partners is also our life’s work. We bring our own unique personalities and approaches to counseling that actually becomes a unique asset to our couples and families.
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Rick Elgersma

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Alyssa Elgersma


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