Couples Intensives

INTENSIVE Co-Therapy Couples Counseling Expediates Growth, Awareness & Healing

Why Use an Intensive for Couples Counseling?

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Stuck in weekly or bi-weekly Couples Therapy without getting through to the necessary LONGER & DEEPER conversations for healing and growth?

Breakthrough Starts Now.

  1. Traditional weekly couples therapy can feel one-sided. Co-Therapy at Real Connections is already a different kind of couples therapy. It's a powerful team in your corner. AND we take it to the next level with our intensives! You will get the opportunity to dig deep and work through the hurt in one, two, or three days!
  2. Our therapists are battle-tested. They've seen it or heard it all and we will focus on finding relationship results without judgment. Bring your real hurt, real struggle, real need and we will help you to work through it together.
  3. More than double the expertise, and double the solutions. We have your backs. One therapist may facilitate communication, while the other dives deeper, but more importantly you’ll feel utterly supported. It's a winning strategy for your relationship.
  4. Feel understood & empowered to process change. Our Co-Therapy intensives unlock creative solutions for lasting connection. Taking the time to make sure you both are heard and understood in your hurt or frustration. Then we take the next step: resolution and/or restoration! No more feeling stuck!
  5. Allowing dedicated time to work on your relationship. Blocking of a day, or a couple of days, to focus on getting your relationship back on track is one of the best investments you can make. We will challenge you, push you, and encourage you to focus on and talk about what needs to be resolved. When you leave, you will be in a different place.
  6. If desired, we can work with your current therapist(s) to bring you to a better place, faster. You have tried the traditional model and still feel stuck? Focused, intense time on one issue to move you past it will allow your counseling time to be more effective for skills and building your relationship into the beautiful place you want it to be!

Invest in the best. Yes, it might cost a bit more. But crunch the numbers. A session with a single therapist somewhere else is about $200 … for a 50 minute session. That would mean two-therapists for 85 minutes must cost at least double! No way. Not even close. And yet your relationship is worth the best option, right? That option is a message or call away. Real Connections Co-Therapy Intensives delivers clear movement in your relationship … in one day. You definitely deserve that kind of shot.

Leave behind the outdated therapy models. Rewrite your relationship future. Cotherapy intensives at Real Connections. Get UNSTUCK at a Real Connections Intensive. You’ll love the difference.

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Imagine leaving the intensive feeling:

  • Empowered: With new communication tools and a clearer understanding of each other's needs.
  • Hopeful: With a renewed sense of optimism about the future of your relationship.
  • Connected: Having spent quality time focusing on your connection with your partner.
  • Betrayal Slates: Wiped clean.
  • Build a toolbox of strategies: Beyond identifying problems, this intensive can equip you with concrete communication and conflict resolution skills to navigate future challenges effectively.

Why Use Co-Therapy for Intensives?

Four reasons why you should demand co-therapy for your intensives!

1. Co-Therapy Creates Balance

Two counselors mean the couple has FULL representation. The counseling team ensures that the couple wins the day! Two therapists mean that couples gain a full capacity to be seen, heard, and understood. Balance!

2. Extra Insight

Your Co-therapy team ensures that your relationship change is inspired by expertise and insight. Trained therapists have individual skills and experiences that they bring into the room, and both explain things so that each person fully understands and grows!

3. Teammates

What better way to learn how to create partners but from other partners? Currently, the Real Connections Counseling therapists that facilitate our Intensives are a relationship to serve relationships. Rick & Monique have been partners for over 30 years - and partners helping partners is the best kind of team!

4. Ultimate Growth

As each couple learns how to make their best relationship happen, your Real Connections Counseling CoTherapy team is humble enough to learn from you, too. And they use their own examples of relationship building to help you. Mutual effort for exponential gain! It will be hard work, but it's important to smile a bit, too!

Feeling stuck in a rut?

Consider an intensive to help you break through your stuck points in a fast, effective way. This is particularly helpful when you have already been attending therapy and feel like you are stuck, not making the progress you had hoped "by now," or don't want to wait another few months or even years to rebuild your best relationship! AND you want to have dedicated time with a dedicated therapist team, not a retreat with other couples.

We have multiple options:

4-hour <or> 8-hour couples co-counseling intensive

Offered locally at an office type of setting, this is generally intensive counseling with no additional provisions and a focus on a single topic. This type of focused intensive is perfect for couples who want a focused time to:

  • Breakthrough a a previously impassable barrier: Are you constantly arguing about finances or chores? A 4-hour intensive can help you identify unproductive patterns and learn practical tools to have more constructive conversations.

  • Jumpstart progress towards a more fulfilling relationship: Feeling seriously disconnected and longing for deeper intimacy? An intensive puts our strongest attention to your needs into one day. We’ve seen the toughest barriers break in an intensive!

  • Gain momentum before a big life event: Maybe you're planning a wedding, facing a blended family challenge, or dealing with a tragic life event like betrayal, lies, or loss. You don’t want to take weeks of counseling to figure it out or resolve the issue. A Real Connections Counseling intensive could move you through it quickly.

Need more time to work on things?? Consider:

All Inclusive 2-day or 3-day intensives

This is designed as a more comprehensive exploration of your relationship dynamics. With our 2.5 and 3.5 day intensives, we include lodging and meals, to allow you to completely disconnect from distractions in your outside life and can allow you to focus on working on your relationship. This in-depth intensive can be transformative for couples looking to:

  • Uncover the root of deeper issues: Are you struggling with trust, resentment, contempt, or past hurts? Sessions here and there just won’t cut it? An longer intensive can provide a safe space to explore these issues and work towards healing. Believe us, couples who seem to utterly hate each other, have left an intensive very much in love.
  • Shift gears in your relationship: Maybe you're considering marriage counseling or redefining roles and expectations and want a jump start on the process. We work through the stuck points or unhealthy relational habits that have formed. This intensive allows for a much more robust and thorough exploration and development of your relational roadmap so you can ensure a fulfilling future together now - instead of in a few months… or even years!
  • Better growth after a big life issue: Maybe you're facing a big family issue, a stuck pattern that keeps repeating itself, feeling completely disconnected but don’t want to give up your relationship, or dealing with a significant betrayal, like infidelity. You don’t think you can take weeks of counseling. You’re feeling too desperate. The Real Connections intensive can change everything. We’ve seen betrayal heal in a single intensive before. It could happen to you, too.

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