Intimacy Reimagined

Breckenridge Colorado Couples Intensive & Retreat

Welcome to Intimacy Reimagined, a unique and special retreat, and couples-intensive combo designed exclusively for married couples seeking to enhance & strengthen their relationship to create the life they deserve together.

And seriously, you won't believe the place we chose to do this! Join us for five days and four magic nights at The Holly in Breckenridge, Colorado from October 8 - 13, 2023.

The Holly
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Welcome To “The Holly” In Majestic & Mountainous Breckenridge, Colorado

Traditionally the Holly tree has long been a symbol of protection and endurance, and symbolizes strength, peace and goodwill to many. Why? The Holly Tree is able to withstand the forces of nature, and in particular is resistant to lightning strikes showcasing unwavering heartiness, strength and reliability. People have planted the Holly Tree near dwellings as one way to protect their homes from lightning strikes. May “The Holly” in Breckenridge, CO be the most remarkable getaway home for you to reimagine your best and most intimacy-driven relationship ever. Be “Holly” in your home. Wherever you plant yourselves, when danger strikes you will remain connected, united, intimate, and strong."

Meet Rick and Monique

Rick and Monique
Rick and Monique Elgersma

Join Us at Intimacy Reimagined

Only a few fortunate couples at a time will be let in to this intimate and exclusive retreat.

You'll learn about the luxury of the best relationships amidst the absolute luxury of your surroundings. Just one moment, and you realize that your marriage journey can be different ... better ... best even. You get to create the lifestyle of love that you deserve with the person that you LOVE the most and deserve it with.

Doing something you know is absolutely right for your marriage is the first step to your best relationship ever.

The hosts would like to talk to you before we get you fully signed up for the retreat. Click the link below to start a conversation and take the first step toward building your best real connection.

What's Included

This will be intense. You'll work hard. Your relationship can FLOURISH. But there are some SUPER COOL benefits to everyone who attends. Look at the list below and RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!
Intimacy Reimagined is an all-inclusive couples retreat with all the amenities.
What's included
  • 5 days of training, learning, and fun by relationship experts
  • ALL EN SUITE ROOMS with linens, pillows, blankets, and private bathroom.
  • King & Queen suites available
  • Round trip transportation to and from airport
  • All meals prepared by a private chef
  • Snacks and drinks provided
  • Gifts, prizes, and swag
  • Drinks such as soda, water, wine, or light alcohol
Cost Per Couple
Starting at


$750 down payment required. Immediate full payment is available if desired.

Available Rooms

Each luxurious room is an ensuite room. All linens, pillows, blankets will be provided, and each couple will have the privacy of their own bathroom.

5 En Suite Kings & 3 En Suite Queen Rooms Available. Get Yours Before They're Gone!

The Decalibron

$6650 (King Ensuite)
Four kingly peaks in Colorado, near Breckenridge make up the Decalibron. Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Bross can all be summited in a single day. We’ve prepared a room deserving of such glory. Your Ensuite King provides comfort and opulence you deserve. With plush and modern amenities, and personalized service, our rooms offer you a perfect retreat where you can become the true relationship explorer.

Quandary Peak

$6500 (King Ensuite)
Tranquility meets grandeur in this king bedroom inspired by the serene, powerful, comfortable, and majestic qualities of one of the great 14’ers near Breckenridge, CO. Like Quandary is to climb, this king room is accessible, yet the summit of comfort. Your tranquil setting is adorned with peaceful colors, luxurious linens & pillows, seating room, and a desk giving you space to dream.

Mount Elbert

$6500 (King Ensuite)
Indulge in the serene tranquility, vibrant joy, powerful ambiance, ultimate comfort, and majestic grandeur of our king bedroom, inspired by the towering presence of Mt. Elbert, Colorado's tallest mountain. Unwind in luxury and take in awe-inspiring views that leaves you rejuvenated and connected.

Grays & Torreys

$6650 (King Ensuite)
This spacious and luxurious Ensuite King is inspired by the distinctive beauty and majesty of Grays & Torreys, the famous Colorado 14’er twin peaks. This room is reminiscent of the glory of its summit, and the grandeur of the area. Imagination awaits in your serene sanctuary. Unwind & appreciate the wonders of nature.

The Hygge

$6550 (King Ensuite)
Hygga (pronounced “Hooga”) is a Danish & Norwegian word that stands for kindness, peace, and comfort. The spirit of Hygge to Nordic cultures is an action of comforting, and this cozy, warm, and fuzzy word is a notion of simple pleasures. Even when surrounded by even unimaginable grandeur like you will be in Breckenridge, CO, your lovely king room will be your retreat to “Hygge.”

Crystal Peak

$6250 (Queen Ensuite)
Crystal Peak rises to a height of just under 14,000 feet, but is no less impressive than any of Colorado’s famous 14’er royalty. In fact, Crystal Peak carries its own throne room into our midst. Adorned by the Crystal Lakes, like a Necklace, this Ensuite Queen gives you every bit the royal treatment, with linens and pillows as comforting as the views surrounding Breckenridge, CO. Welcome to “Crystal Peak” Room!

The Atlantic Peak

$6250 (Queen Ensuite)
Your Atlantic Peak queen bedroom, inspired by the majestic Atlantic Peak outside of Breckenridge, Colorado, is adorned with the same sense of grandeur and beauty as the jewel of the mountain, Lower Lake. Just like the breathtaking views from Atlantic Peak, this elegant, sophisticated queen bedroom offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere, allowing you to unwind and relax after a long day of exploring the wonders of Breckenridge. With its comfortable queen-sized bed, you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, waking up refreshed and ready.

Blue Lakes Trail

$6250 (Queen Ensuite)
This plush, comfortable queen room is no less beautiful, and no less plush than any other room. Its charm is its simplicity while being surrounded by beauty. The blue lake trail is easy by Colorado hiking standards, but everywhere you look is full of satisfying tranquility; A trail where you can center, and find yourself as you hike. May this room provide you the breath of hope you’ve been searching for.

Frequently asked questions

Laura Long supporting quote for Rick & Monique Elgersma's Intimacy Reimagined Retreat
“I have witnessed firsthand Rick & Monique’s unique abilities and talents as a married co-therapy team.

Together, they possess an exceptional level of expertise and insight into the dynamics of intimate relationships. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Rick and Monique's work is their ability to seamlessly blend their professional knowledge with their personal experiences as a married couple.

They bring a rare authenticity to their work. Their warmth and approachability make it easy for couples to create happier, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships.”
-Laura Long, LMFT, MBA,
Therapist & Coach, & Owner of Your BADASS® Therapy Practice.
Coach Tacha Kasper
"Monique and Rick are not only authentic people. They’re a great couple that has traversed some of life’s most difficult roads, and still hold grace for each other. Still fully their own unique, strong minded selves, but also a bonded, connected couple.

I love their heart and capacity for working with couples to improve on communication, connection and intimacy…. Heck…. Can’t every couple use improvement on those items?!

And that’s exactly what they do.

I HIGHLY recommend and suggest that every couple take advantage of the plethora of skill, devotion and life changing talent that Rick & Monique offer to couples.

Their retreat offers you a luxurious, condensed, intense, and immediate experience that is sure to make a big difference in your relationship."
-Tacha Kasper, LMFT
CEO of Chronic Illness & Pain Institute [CIPI] and Healing Point Counseling & Wellness Center

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