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Mission, Vision, and Values

Real Connections Counseling values relationships and strives to improve the relational health of the community through a team approach to counseling, with the goal of helping clients become the best relational people possible.

Our Mission

Our desire to improve the relational health of our community drives the purpose behind Real Connections Counseling, and we will lead the efforts of relational health as we go. Each person who passes through Real Connections Counseling - whether by counseling, psychoeducation, coaching, couples intensives, or marriage retreats - will become a vital piece of their mission at home, in their businesses, and communities as they live out their capability for healthy relationships. For each of our efforts, the team approach of two therapists (called Co-Therapy) will continue to be the cornerstone of how we help make the best relationships happen.

Our Vision

The co-therapy model of team counseling helps shape you, our clients, into the best relational people out there as you connect with others in your sphere of influence.

Our Values

Therapists at Real Connections Counseling value relationships and intentionally work as a team in counseling so that you, our clients, know that we are partners with you as you make your best relationship happen. Together we all learn from experience. Practice does not make perfect, but it can make a whole lot better. We value practice because every time you’re given something to practice you continue your trek to relationship greatness. We love to encourage you, and in doing so you learn to encourage each other. And we love growth, which means that not only you are practicing your relationship at home, so are we. We value co-therapy with you because we know that we become better together.

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