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Real Connections Counseling values relationships and strives to improve the relational health of the community through a team approach to counseling, with the goal of helping clients become the best relational people possible.

Our Counseling and Services

Learn about our Des Moines area (located in Urbandale) counseling and therapy services. Each couple has the power to make our community better by making their relationship better. Each time your team starts with you, we’re inspired to wonder what good can happen. Are you in your “best ever” relationship? If the answer is “no,” come and see us at Real Connections Counseling. Looking forward and be hope-filled!

Pre-Marital Counseling

We build 'real connections' - solid and safe connections between you two that will last your whole life!
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Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling can be the best long-term gift you have ever given each other. Heal hurts, build better memories.
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Couples Counseling

Whatever your reasons for therapy, we are here to help you take steps together, to better your relationship.
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Couples Retreats

All-inclusive couples retreats, where you can relax, grow together, and build new skills and knowledge.
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Speaking Engagements

From keynotes to workshops to relationship resilience training, our expert speakers can help you inspire, educate, and build stronger connections.
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Group Therapy

Interact with multiple people at the same time especially when we all need similar information, education, or support.
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