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Live Like You Were Livin’

  • Rick Elgersma
  • August 4, 2023

“Make life worth living because you’re alive, not because of the threat of death. The phrase “Live like you are dyin’” made internationally famous by Country Music Artist Tim McGraw, demonstrates an element of adventure and joy available because life seems to be slowing, even halting to death. I appreciate the motivation to live well.

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But I would rather that I lived love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control because I am alive and in as much others might strive for the same thing. I looked around me today, and took my handicapped ass down a water slide. I swam in the ocean with giant manta rays. I will dip my eyes into the lava flows of Hawaii, and I will do so in order that my own heart might burn with the same vigor, and beauty, but with might, and courage as if, like a volcano, I might not be stopped living.

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Secondly, what can I do? How can I commit to a grateful life? How many of us who have loved ones who have committed suicide said something like, “I just spoke to him/her yesterday and he/she sounded a little down, but not like this. What did I miss??” Tons of guilt fills our spaces because of what we didn’t hear, what we didn’t see, what we experience because we didn’t see it. But I don’t want you to only have to see it. I commit to telling you. I commit to giving you, me. Never to take advantage of you, but always to practice truth, and to live with you as a lifer of livin’.

Can you commit to the same? You’re worth our time, believe me.”

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